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Healthy credit saved my life when I was in the darkest valleys one could experience. In 2019, I hit rock bottom, right before the pandemic. My Child’s father, a wealthy international real estate tycoon, decided to abandon me, and my child at the time, leaving me in debt, and only my savings to survive. After 13 years in a relationship, I had to rebuild my life and deal with legal fees. I was now a single mother of three in an instant. My back was against the wall. All I had was my faith in GOD, willpower, and my need to survive.  I had to figure it out, and start from scratch. At the time my credit was horrible and got worst with the debt from the relationship. I then went on to learn how to repair my personal credit, reset my finances,  expenses and set up an LLC. That’s when my journey began…


God has a funny way of bringing out the best in you through your must-trying times. Trust your journey!  As long as you have the life you have hope.  “Don’t let life handle you, you handle life”.  There is always a solution to everything under the sun.

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